I’m marching too

21 Jan Pink with black female signs

Today is an incredible day. All across the world women are marching. It feels like we’ve been holding our breath for a very long time and now is the right time to let it go. What good can it do to march? Standing together because it’s wrong that half the world’s population are not treated equally is important.

I’m currently stuck at home with food poisoning. So this is my contribution to the march. Here’s a few of the images I’m seen across social media. Plus a little drawing of my own.

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Weekend at a Bothy in North Devon

8 Aug

A few weeks ago a few pals and I stayed in a National Trust bothy in North Devon at Peppercombe.  

The first night was warm and sunny and we were treated to a dramatic sunset with lit up Lundy Island like a glowing ember glimmering before the fire goes out. 

Half the group set about making camp as the other half went to find dry wood (not so easy in England) to make a fire. A pile of wood collected (and arranged by size like a strange xylophone) and so began fire making. Thanks to cotton wool kindling and a couple fire lighters fire was quick to make. My nightmare is being in a Bear Grylls ‘The Island’ style set up – it seems to take those poor people days to make fire with just a wooden bow and string. But still we felt like survival experts as a roaring fire kept us toasty while the sun disappeared below the sea horizon and the moon glimmering on the sea kept us company. 

Once the fire died down and the chill crept in we shuffled off to bed in the stone bothy. Think camping, only your tent is made is stones and your door doesn’t have a zip. I fell asleep quickly. There’s a different sort of quiet when you have no phone signal, no background light or noises other than the sound of the sea and the moon for a night light. Deep sleep was broken by gentle bird song that became a booming dawn chorus! Even heard a wood pecker – very rare. 

After a morning trip to the toilet (or ‘loo with a view’ thanks to its window to the sea and Lundy Island) we wandered off to nearby (6 miles) Clovelly. This has to be done once in your lifetime. Imagine a fishing village from 1857. You’re there. Complete with cobbled roads and no cars. We saw a couple turn back after 50 steps. Reason? One of the couple had worn heels. Silletoes and a steep cobbled road do not mix unless you’re into breaking you’re ankles. I recommend walking boots or trainers. 

From Clovelly we walked the South West Coast Path south west for a rugged view back to Peppercombe. 

The second night was was completely different to the first. Heavy rain set in at 7:30pm. So we were confined to our four walled stone tent. However, being seasoned English weather campers (and having checked the met office prior to leaving) we were prepared for such eventualities. Out came the games (Carcassonne) and an early night once that had finished. Lundy disappeared under a cloak of mist. 

Thank you National Trust for restoring Peppercombe bothy. Such a lovely place to spend a weekend. Who’s having an adventure this weekend? 

Blooming Great Tea Party for Marie Curie

23 Jun

When two of your great loves collide it’s fantastic. For me, this is spending time with folk I love and baking (or more accurately, eating) cake. Add to that raising money for charity and I’m in. Marie Curie are asking people to have friends and family over for tea and cake and raise money for charity. I’ll be holding mine on Saturday 25 June. If you fancy holding a tea party too, look at the Blooming Great Tea Party page. I plan on making a couple things to suit different tastebuds. Here’s my list: 

  • Tea and coffee (earl grey, builders tea, peppermint and filter coffee)
  • Scones with jam and Devon clotted cream
  • Pear and ginger cake with cream topping and a caramel glaze (recipe)
  • Biscuits with icing and flower decoration (inspiration)

127 more cakes, baking inspiration and recipes on my Cake Pinterest board. Also love this film by baking queen Suzy Pelta with Great British Bake Off’s Mel, they show you how to make marble cupcakes.

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