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Make a Memory Day

18 Feb

This is a day that you set aside to do something memorable with and I had one quite recently.

You will need:
Extreme weather conditions/unusual circumstances/unfamiliar scenery
Somewhere warm to escape to

With all the snow we’re having, now is the perfect time to have your very own Make a Memory Day. Check out the pics of my day (see below).

Sarah Bagnall (2010) Me running after scaring the birds

Photographs are fantastic. It’s like having our own portable memory, we share it with friends (via Facebook) and just like daydreaming, flicking through Facebook can happen whenever we like.

But actually memory is so much more than this. Photographs are changing the way we remember, one still at a time. Memories are made up of sounds, smells, feeling and of course images we keep in our minds. And that’s so much more than you could capture with one snap.

Having a ‘Make a Memory Day’ is the perfect way to reconnect with this and if not, at least you’ll have some amusing pics!

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