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23 Aug

A project powered by media140 Worldwide and Redfront

I use social technologies everyday and they have revolutionised my real-time connections. I can talk to people from all over the world, ask an organisation a question or engage with super huge companies. Whilst I know the positive effects of this continual shift, from the role of social technologies in human relations to their impact on democracy, there are visible signs of a darker side. There is now an unprecedented range of channels through which businesses, organisations, governments and individuals can manipulate our access to information.

In a few weeks time I will be live blogging at the September London launch of #unethicalweb, a crowd-sourced project to identify and define the various means of unethical intervention that can be used to influence almost anyone.

Be prepared for my live stream of consciousness on the unethical use of social technologies and their huge implications. I believe that understanding them can show us what we need to watch for in the future and how to cope with it. This project will evolve to provide businesses, academics, journalists, policy-makers and legislators with key information and insights, resulting in the definitive resource on the subject.

#unethicalweb is a joint project between media140 Worldwide and Redfront, who are working together to create both a platform for discussion and a targeted set of resources for those connected with the subject.

More information tickets can be found at

Event to be held on 15th September 2011 at The RSA, London
Entry by ticket registration only, priced at £35 (+vat)

I will be having a pow-wow with other bloggers after the event – email me at for more information.

Hope to see you there!


Favourite clicks of the week

18 Apr

Occasionally I think I’ll do a post which tells you my favourite clicks of the week. There are some pretty interesting news stories/opinions out there…

1. Bitch Magazine
The Young and The Feckless: What Cinema Says About Career Type, J Maureen Henderson
2. Art Review
Read Art Review online
3. The Guardian
Why street photography is facing a moment of truth, Sean O’ Hagan
4. Marie Claire
See Jessica Simpson go without make up for the cover shoot

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