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Live Art Meets at Exeter Phoenix

22 May

Remember to refresh the page for updates.

Hello and welcome to LIVE ART MEETS… the only platform in Exeter to share, perform and discover LIVE ART.

It’s at Exeter Phoenix on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Follow @shinyshoeclaire (that’s me!) and @exeter_phoenix for updates too.

9:02pm It has begun! Follow the hashtag #LiveArtMeets for updates too.

9:06pm First wooo from the audience, can you gues what that was about?

9:09pm First piece is called ‘Kiss Me’ by Claire Burke.

9:12pm People are extrememly polite. If a pretty girl had a large sign above her head stating ‘kiss me’ – what would you do?

9:13pm Wondering what thoughts were behind the piece… why were so many people (mainly men) happy to go & kiss without asking, or further explanation. Would you go and kiss someone because they had a sign saying to do so?

9:16pm Or maybe I’m being cynical there’s just lots of love to go around.

9:17pm Artist Nicci Wonnacott, screens her piece, ‘Purifying America’.

9:18pm The music is hypnotic, and her movements hypnotic, it’s really rather enjoyable to watch and I’m finding it difficult to do anything but that.

9:20pm What do the colours green, purple and white mean to you?

9:26pm To mean they symbolise the suffragettes.

9:31pm Part of the next performance is about reading text on the screen. Off to find out what’s on the screen.

9:34pm I like the idea of putting lines of text and people have freedom to move about the page and read them at different times and in different order. Does that mean different conclusions. If any?

9:34pm Nine people have got up to read the text so far.

9:35pm It must be difficult to put decide what to write, how do you decide what to write. Especially when you know people will read it so closely.

9:36pm Are words used in live art like tweeting? #LiveArtMeets

9:43pm Wonnacott’s calm and slow breathing seems to have put a peace & sense of complete calm over the audience. It’s so melodic and lovely to listen to.

9:43pm My silence should tell you how hard it is to form opinions and write when what you really want to do is listen and relax.

9:54pm That was my thoughts on Live Art Meets. Perhaps see you at the next on Tuesday 26 June at Exeter Phoenix Cafe Bar.


What I’m up to in February…

26 Jan

After a hectic January, I’ve got loads of things I’m looking forward to in February & I thought I’d share them with you all & perhaps see you at some of them.

Free drink Thursdays!

I’m always up for a free drink (let’s face it who isn’t?!) & therefore I’ll be at Exeter Phoenix riding the complementary drinks wave, starting with Phoenix Gallery’s private view of David Blandy (always good to mix art with wine) followed by a free shot of premium vodka to drink whilst watching docu-film, How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire on Thu 2. It’s all about film-maker Dan Edelsy discovering the mysterious tale and heritage of his vodka empire family.
David Blandy (+wine) >>
How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire (+vodka) >>

Playing with snails, not literally, all in the name of theatre you see…

Best thing about living in a small city (and possibly being it’s most prolific art blogger) is getting opening night tickets for shows. The anticipation, the packed theatre full of journos with poised pens, and me; there for the enjoyment of seeing a new show. Playing With Snails at Bike Shed Theatre on Wed 8 is a play that deals with some pretty heavy emotions (redemption, guilt etc) told by children who play on an island at an old fort.
Playing With Snails >>

Popping to #pop_up

It’s lovely to see so many familiar faces at pop_up (mingling for creatives and geeks), it’s been going for over a year now & it’s great that there’s such a loyal following in Totnes, Exeter & Taunton. I’ll be at Exeter pop_up on Thu 9 Feb at 6:30 in Oddfellows. Happily it’s hosted in the cocktail bar! New faces are always made most welcome, so if you haven’t been join the facebook group / hash tag on twitter.
#pop_up >>

Social bees Redfront share their secrets at posh Southernhay House

As you may know I work in marketing & I love all things social, so imagine my delight at the opportunity to spend a day at Southernhay House with Phillippa Rose & Simon Gough at ‘Integrated Social’ part of the business intensive Social Series. I’m expecting absolute gems of wisdom to take away from Redfront Marketing. And as friends of mine, Simon & Phillippa have offered readers of my blog a fantastic discount on their Social Series… Each of the three days costs £145, get 50% cashbash. PLUS enter this promotional code ‘CLAIRENETWORK’ & you get 20% discount! So all in all the ticket’ll only cost you £59. There’s not long left to get tickets, so get your skates on & book you place now.
Social Series 1: Data and Influence >>
Social Series 2: Integrated Social >>
Social Series 3: Ethics and Law >>

Promise my life doesn’t revolve around alcohol, but…

I’m SO EXCITED that Bryony Kimmings is returning to Exeter (after seeing her last show – Sex Idiot, see my review) with another adventure. This time she performs her interpretation of a week spent inebriated in the aptly titled ‘7 Day Drunk’. She’s at Exeter Phoenix on Tue 21 Feb.
7 Day Drunk >>

C’est chic, c’est moi!

I’m off to Paris at the end of the month & I’ve always ALWAYS wanted to go to a Parisian flea market (they just look so much better than English ones!)… so I shall be heading to Porte De Vanves (unless anyone has any other suggestions??) to search out some bargains and have new art for my walls.
Porte De Vanves, Paris >>

Urban Outfitters Exeter SNEAK PREVIEW!

4 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I had a sneak preview of the new Urban Outfitters store in Exeter & this is what I saw… underneath the old shop fittings there is thick marble, crumbling plaster cornicing and 70s gig posters. Urban Outfitters are keeping the layers of history, but also adding their own stamp on the place.

I’m having another look today and I’m really excited to see how it looks now!

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