7 questions tag – coast facts

19 May

7 questions coast tag

  1. What’s your favourite beach? I love Aymer Cove, it’s a tiny place only accessible on foot near Bigbury. My now fiance took me there when we were friends.
  2. Sea or sand? Sea! I love to swim.
  3. Tell a memory of being by the sea. I remember walking on the Gower Peninsula in Wales with my Dad, we carried all our things for a week in a backpack. We’d been walking for hours and felt horribly lost (in the name of adventure we decided against using a map), but suddenly we came out of a wood onto the most beautiful long sandy beach. I’ll never forget that feeling of happiness.
  4. What’s your favourite seaside food? Fish and chips with tartare sauce.
  5. Favourite ice cream flavour? Honeycomb or mango sorbet.
  6. Have you lived by the sea? Yes, lots, I grew up in Torquay and went to university in Aberystwyth.
  7. Favourite place on the coast? South Devon, the rolling hills and coves make it perfect for walking, camping and swimming.

Blog post inspired by National Trust South West Coastal Festival & the 7 questions tag post.

I tag 7 people to take part too: The Lovely Drawer, Adrian Colston, The Baking Explorer, A Yorkshire Woman, Lickerish Split, The Pink Whisk and Suzy Pelta. Looking forward to your seeing your favourite coast things!


One Response to “7 questions tag – coast facts”

  1. josephinejie November 8, 2015 at 9:51 am #

    Yay for honeycomb!

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