Buying A House. How Much Money Do I Need?

3 May

When you imagine buying a house you’ve probably considered what you’d like in terms of look, location and level of work. But have thought about how much money you want to invest (or risk) when you buy a house?

There’s lots of costs involved and (if like me) you’re a first time buyer, then it’s super helpful to have the costs laid out. There are lots of options available AND lots of pros and cons to these choices. Like a friend (who is an accountant – so therefore I feel a reliable source) said, “what have you got to lose? If you don’t want it in the future or if it’s too much work/money, it’s fine, just sell it!”.


How Much Money Do You Need To Buy A House?

The answer depends on how much money you have and how much the house you want to buy costs.

Here’s my handy spreadsheet. Download now & use all the preset formulas to calculate how much money you need to buy the house you want.

View how much money I need to buy a house spreadsheet >>

E.g If you want to buy a house for £150,000 with 10% deposit then you’ll need £135,000.
E.g If you want to buy a house for £200,000 with 15% deposit then you’ll need £170,000.

View full examples spreadsheet here >> 


8 Things To Consider When Buying A House

  1. Does the space make you feel excited to live there?
  2. Write a list of three things that are important about your future house and consider them as you walk around (My list: 2 reception rooms, interesting view, potential to make money. The person I’m buying with’s list: garden or outside space, good bones of the house, 2 reception rooms)
  3. Does the boiler work? What type is it (combi/back/condenser/etc.)?
  4. Are there any joining walls? Who owns these?
  5. Are there any open spaces in your eye line? Are these protected?
  6. Is the cooker / washing machine / carpet included? Sometimes yes, sometimes no
  7. Should you have a basic survey, a home buyer survey or a structural survey? (I had a home buyer survey)
  8. Will you sort out the mortgage yourself? Or ask a mortgage advisor to help? (My personal opinion is if you find a good mortgage advisor they are worth their weight in gold! If you’re in Devon go and see Bill at Countrywide. He’s BRILLIANT)


9 TOP TIPS For Offering The Price You Want To Pay When Buying A House

I had the best mortgage advisor of all time. He gave me this tit bits of advise (all wrapped up in great stories).

  1. Get to know people who can help
  2. Learn what a house is worth
  3. Line up your bargaining chips
  4. Love the chase
  5. Have a figure in mind
  6. Learn the implications of your offer (do your sums first)
  7. Never EVER give away your budget to the estate agent. They are not acting on your behalf
  8. Act quickly when you really like something, but…
  9. Don’t give away how much you like something. Pretend like you’re on a date and PLAY IT COOL (see pic).

Play It Cool

Does anyone have any top house buying tips to add? Please leave a comment.


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