How To Make A Dress: Part 2 – Sewing the Darts

19 Aug

If you’re creating your dress along with me here’s the next step. (See Part 1 of How To Make a Dress here).

If you’d like to know how to place your darts accurately, you’re in the right place.

What you’ll need:

  1. Your Cut Out Fabric Pieces (with the pattern still pinned on)
  2. Sewing Machine
  3. Fabric Scissors
  4. Thread
  5. Needle
  6. Iron & Board
  7. Piece of Plain Paper

What to do:

  • Mark your darts with a loop of thread


  1. Locate the notches on your pattern (there will be two per dart) – with the tip of your scissors snip the edge of your fabric (this will mark where you need to start sewing).
  2. Locate the dot on your pattern which marks the point of your dart.
  3. Thread your needle with some contrasting thread & tie a knot at the end.
  4. Put your needle through the dot & through both layers of fabric.
  5. Put your needle back through the fabric & pattern (going through the dot) – leaving a loop of thread on the back of your work.
  6. Now put your needle back through your pattern & fabric – leaving a loop of thread of the top of your work.
  7. Snip your needle off.
  8. Carefully tear off the pattern (making sure not to disturb the loops of thread).
  9. Gently pull apart your two layers of fabric, snip the thread (in between your layers of fabric), so that you are left with a loop of the outside of each piece of fabric.
  • Sew your darts

  1. Fold your fabric using the snips (from the notches on your pattern) and the thread markers as guides. This should create a triangle (right sides of fabric together).
  2. Pin this in place.
  3. Using your sewing machine, sew from notch to thread marker. Try to taper towards the end, this will create a neater finish.
  4. Repeat & sew all of your darts.
  • Iron your darts in place


It’s super important to iron your darts in place – keeps things neat for the future bits of sewing!

TOP TIP: Using a piece of paper means that you won’t mark the fabric.

Which direction to iron your darts in?

Right & left bust darts on front bodice: Upwards

Bottom darts on front bodice: Inwards (towards belly button)

Bottom darts on back bodice: Inwards (towards centre back line)


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