Do Women Give Themselves Space To Reach The Top?

23 Jun

Equal PayThis question keeps popping into my head recently. I’ve been reading a lot about what women need to succeed and how we’re STILL massively underpaid for doing the same jobs as men. Have you heard the statistic, the one that goes, “women work from October 30th til the end of the year for free” – that’s how big the difference still is (and that is SHOCKING).

But something that has cropped up a lot recently, which has nothing to do with how you are at work, how many ways you ask for a pay rise or what your boss is like. Nope, it has to do with your home life. Increasingly the thought is that you must allow yourself to have a balanced home life, to achieve a balanced work life. (This is completely different to the work / life balance idea).

A well balanced home life goes something like this:

  • You cooked the dinner, so your roommate / partner / friend cleans up.
  • You put the kids to bed, so your other half gets them up.
  • You clean the bathroom, so you don’t put the washing on (and you don’t worry about it not being done either), allow another to take responsibility for it.

In Jenny Garrett’s survey (Rocking Your Role Breadwinners Survey 2013) a massive 53% of 624 respondants said that “more domestic support (cooking, cleaning, ironing etc) would make life easier for the breadwinner” (read full white paper >>).

It seems that what’s interrupting equality in the work place is INequality in the home place. This makes sense to me. If you’re stressing about getting the kids to school, putting the washing on, cooking a perfect Sunday roast AND doing well at work, but the person you live with only has one of those worries (i.e. doing well at work), logically one of you will do better. And isn’t not the person who has more stacked on their plate.

That’s the theory behind it, but how easy will it be to put into practice? It all begins with asking who you live with what they think. So let’s try it now.


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