Could Social Media be the End of Gender?

1 May

I’m watching this TED talk at the moment…

Perhaps this explains why facebook marketing isn’t so successful – it’s not about how old you are, what gender you are, what you do, or whether you’re in a relationship, it’s about interests.

I like the idea that because women are using social media much more than men, women will begin to drive tastes, companies will hire more women and women will drive tastes. Does this mean death to the chick flick / lit genres?



One Response to “Could Social Media be the End of Gender?”

  1. Ridley May 1, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    I hadn’t realised that facebook marketing ‘isn’t’ so successful so that was interesting to read – I know personally that I am a huge fan of facebook and twitter because I’m linked to the things that I’m interested in and I feel that I get to hear about relevant stuff, that I want to know about and attend or get involved in.

    I’m always concerned about the sense of ‘dominanc’e in any space by either gender but I love the idea that women, by virtue of being more present, may be better represented and catered to. I think the article overlooks a lot of cultural gender conditioning though too – women and men can and do reinforce some of those clunky media stereotypes (albeit mostly unwittingly) so I’m not sure that it will wipe out the sort of images that we see. What’s exciting is that social media gives women a different voice. What’s worrying is if social media become recognised as a chick-media then we may find that the other half of the population go elsewhere to play, or (and I’m being doomsday here, I apologise) the value of the data generated or the drive to put stuff out on social media may be diminished because it’s ‘only’ gonna reach the women.

    Why I think feminism is still relevant today (and I’m warming up to a series of blogs about this…) is precisely because men and women are not meeting on an equal footing in the public spheres – we’re still under represented politically, in the media and certainly there is still no equality from an economic point of view. Anything that gives women a voice that is heard, that enables equal gender representation is really good and that’s my hope for social media and it’s impact on our lives. Thanks for sharing lovely!! xxx

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