Not your average band: British Sea Power

27 Jul

British Sea Power is not your average band. They’ve played in museums, floating on the Thames and in libraries, then they brought they’re indie grot to Exeter Phoenix.

And as for your average warm up, they had a drunk man, dressed in a kilt and tartan hat, who ‘stretched out’ on stage before reciting poetry. Nonsensical rhymes, ending with this bite of ‘wisdom’, “I once woke up in a ditch clutching a packet of Sugar Puffs.”

But back to the main event.

To dress the stage they adorned the speakers, mics, and instruments with trees and foliage (some from Exeter Phoenix’s terrace), a fox mask and had rainbow lights. They opened with ‘Waving Flags’ from their 2008 album ‘Do you like rock music’, and played for 2 hours. If you’ve listened to their music, you’ll know it’s varied from when they began, but they have kept the selection of instruments. Their antics onstage made it memorable for me. They crowd surfed, threw their guitars in the air (and dropped one) and, told us to “shush” – with success.

I’d give them a fantastically original 4/5


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