Process, Personality And Human Error is All Part Of The Show

3 Jul

The Improsarios

I’m now Marketing Officer extraordinaire at the best-connected arts centre in town, so I’ve been hopping from show, to performance, to gig a lot recently (hence, ahem, my brief hiatus from blog entries). But from my overview, over the past couple months…

Bryony Kimmings, Sex Idiot – sexy, participatory, glam, revealing.
EDge (contemporary dance) – fast paced, slow paced, deconstructed, relaxed toes.
Acoustica – dancing amongst the trees by Exeter Castle to singers on a camouflaged stage, it felt every inch the Acoustic music fest that Devon does best.
Spacex talk: Making Is Connecting – (illustrated by gardening lego men), the talk placed web 2.0’s trend, for makers to connect over their creations, in the context of art history.
The Improsarios – audience lead comedy, where the cock-ups were as hilarious as the on cue and in-sync acting, but which lead the story to come together perfectly – somehow – in the end.
How To Climb a Mountain – can be summed up by this; two men, one a photocopier the other a man, re-enacted a photocopier breaking so precisely, accurately and comedically, that they didn’t need props, sounds or lighting.]

…where was I? Ah yes. Trends, current observances and general shifting in performances / shows / whatever you want to call them.

Performances are bring undone, deconstructed, improvised and transparent – and I don’t mean Most Haunted style – by that I mean, if a mistake happens it becomes part of the routine; the costume change becomes part of the narrative, audience contributions welcomed, nay, encouraged! Process, personality, human error are part of the show.

Although all this might seem gloriously simple, and deconstructed sounds a lot simpler than constructed (but, think IKEA furniture), I cannot imagine turning up for a performance and having no idea who the characters will be, where the scenes take place or what the climax of the plot will be (like The Improsarios) or sing, dance act solo, whilst reliving (possibly) painful personal memories (like Bryony Kimmings). This is why I salute this approach to performance, and I’m looking forward to whatever is next.

p.s. If you missed Acoustica In The Park in June, the Acoustica Festival is coming up on 17 & 18 September, in Exeter.

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