Anon, a Glimpse of New Plymouth Artists

3 Oct


Finding the exhibition was like following a trail of breadcrumbs, but finally we made it to tiny Plymouth Arts Centre, through the fire escape and round the back to: Anon.Undiscovered Art Exhibition, the launch of Anon Design.

Six recent graduates showed together, each different, but equally interesting. The exhibition was fleeting – only two hours of art on the walls, but this intense way of showing made the experience all the more fun. A pop-up exhibition is so more exciting that your average preview, one minute the art’s on the walls, the next it’s all lifted off, one-by-one, and it’s over.


I’ve been working with Sarah Watts for a few months now, so naturally I made a beeline for her work. There were paintings of Berlin, Australia, Thailand and Bangkok; total travel bliss. Sarah’s eye for the unusual and chic gives you a better view of the places she’s been than any holiday snap could.

Sarah Watts, Berlin, 2010


Last week I went to Berlin, it was totally not what I had been expecting. For me it was way to square and ordered, what I like about Sarah’s painting is that it is completely upfront about this, but underneath all the modernist blocking is its quirky and subversive heart. Watch out for @wattsface I predict great things!


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