#AskaCurator – get an answer!

2 Sep

Ask a curator, get an answer was the idea behind #askacurator day on twitter yesterday. I think this is what social media should be all about; when else could I have asked curators from around the world questions? I even answered a couple myself (as a curator of two exhibitions).

Recap of the questions I asked:

do you think its important to have social media / blogs as a curator? #askacurator

@ShinyShoeClaire I think so – think it’s clever as well as important. (from @suesannvos)

@FredrikSvan @ShinyShoeClaire For more on social media and museums go here: http://tinyurl.com/2d2nm6z #askacurator (@austmus)

@ShinyShoeClaire that is certainly a field to develop. I think social media presence should be of high priority to museums! #askacurator (from @FredrikSvan)

@FredrikSvan #askacurator but do you think its appropriate for a curator to spill the innerworkings on a blog and twitter?

@historiskamuse i dont know, i suppose visitors expect a degree of professionalism. do you have a blog? #askacurator

what are you working on today? #askacurator



@ShinyShoeClaire our African collection which includes spears, shields, figures and masks (from @MissHelenPorter)

@ShinyShoeClaire #askacurator Today (it is now 8.00pm in Aus) I was recruiting staff and inspecting our museum building site! Different! (from @MuseumSheffield)

@ShinyShoeClaire funding applications! (from @modelsligo)

@ShinyShoeClaire I am working on our upcoming R100 and R101, Airships at Cardington exhibition (from @chagandbm)

@ShinyShoeClaire Today I’m helping some pieces of porcelain come back to Bedford from Berlin where they’ve been on loan (from @tjperrett)

@ShinyShoeClaire Reorganizing one room of the permanent collection, preparing loan requests for next exhibition, following #askacurator … (from @belvederewien)

@ShinyShoeClaire Xavier Dectot is working on the upcoming exhib. (pieces from Slovakia just arrived) and tweeting at the same time! (from @museecluny)

@ShinyShoeClaire A new exhibition project: “The Secret of the Serpent” about serpent symbolism in African art. #askacurator (from @AfrikaMuseum)

Recap of the questions that I answered:

@KevinBrody a sculptor said to me: that to defy gravity makes a good sculpture #askacurator

@gitanaAzul depends when in history, things trend and the appriciation rises and falls. Rembrandt wasnt so popular in the 19thc #askacurator


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